Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Dreamers, tyre kickers and time wasters need not apply - part 37

Ello! Is me again, Lexie. Where was I? Oh yeah, sellin Atlantis *sob*,
bedroom all shipshape
So, the decision was made. Mum an dad had agreed. It was time to sell our beloved Atlantis. They were heartbroken.

The mill and the marina manager were ringing and emailing every week, putting pressure on mum and dad to move her. Move her where?! There was nowhere to go. So mum put Atlantis up for sale on a boat website. They knew it was unlikely someone would av the vision an ability to finish er but it was either that or they was gonna av er scrapped!

spray foamer
They dun a bit of tidying up in case anyone come round to look and removed some of the tools and equipment like the spray foaming machine. Mum even washed the duvet!

Mum got a call a few weeks later from someone wot was intrested in buyin er. I won’t tell you wot the asking price was, but let’s jus say it was a knock down once only price. Well this man an is wife came to look at Atlantis.

The came about 4 times in all I fink. Dad was there to talk through his vision for Atlantis and even offered to elp advise and guide his contractors (he wasn’t gonna do it imself). Looked like it was gonna appen.

Dad did some work on the engine to make sure she would run ok and be able to leave the mill. Then, the man sended an email, an email mind you saying he fort it was too  much to take on and was gonna start his own hog roast business instead! A what now? Pftttt weirdo!

tidy (sort of) engine room
Then annuva man says he wants er. So he comes to see her. Well, first fing he says? You wanna put some paint on that! Ha really? What a great idea, we never fort of that.

Then, whilst surveying the river through the awesome wheelhouse wot dad built, he says ‘what you wanna do is cut off the front of this wheelhouse and put some patio doors in and then she’d make a lovely houseboat’.

Lucky, dad wasn’t there. Coz if he had been, I fink he would have made the bloke walk the plank (if we ad one). Mum says I don’t think this boat will ever be a houseboat. Thanks and goodbye.

Mum rings dad. Come to the boat she says to im. So off we goes to Atlantis and meets mum there. Mum was crying. She says ‘I can’t do this. She doesn’t want us to let her go. We have unfinished business and it’s time we finished it’.

Dad says ‘ok, well, find me a mooring and I will do it’. Mum telled me later she felt so appy inside, knowin we was gonna get this fing done an we weren’t gonna sell her.

Now all she needed to dus was find annuva mooring! I'll tell you next week if we dun it .. but I fink you already know the answer to that one :).

Lexie out!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Let's have a quick recap - part 36

Atlantis in Maldon
Atlantis in Maldon
Well ello me pals and my oh my ain’t it bin a while!? Well, yes achewly it as. First, I will give you a potted histry of wot we bin doin over the last few years.

As some of you knows, we has got a boat, hmmm, a ship I mean. We as got a ship. She is called Atlantis. Mum and dad bought her way back in 2003 when she was a fishing boat in Ireland. You can read about all that on some of me old posts.

Anyhoo, in 2010 we moved her from Kent to good old Essex where we was gonna make her all bright an shiny, then sail off to Malta! That didn’t work out too good. The marina manager (boo hiss grrrr) weren’t it turned out, a man of his word. So, we gets to Essex an he tells us no, you can’t live on it, no you can’t weld, no you can’t paint, you can’t do noffink. In fact, he says, I don’t even want you ere. So for the next 5 years he moved us from this mooring to that, each one worse than the last. We finally ends up on a mooring next to a flour mill.

We was forbidden by the marina manager (boo hiss grrr) and the Mill elf an safety manager (quite nice man really) to set foot on her apart from to check her ropes and make sure she wasn’t sinkin!

Atlantis view from port side
We was at our wits end abowt  wot to dus. They coddn’t see how we was gonna ever finish Atlantis or even get on board [we went to Ibeefa to run a dive centre but that’s annuva story wot I tell you laters]. While dad and me was working hard in Ibeefa mum tried to sort fings out once and for all.

She did the only fing that made sense (at the time) – to sell Atlantis! Mum an dad had fort about it long and hard and could not see any uvva alternative. Their dream had come to an end.

Well … find out in the next excitin episode wot appened! See you in the next chapter pals! Remember, stay slinky :).

Lexie out!

Thursday, 29 August 2013


Hello! Is me .. Lexie! Ow fings? Well pals, as you might know, I dus like to swim heehee. I fink I may of mentioned it a few times ;).

Anywoof, mum and dad luvs to see me enjoyin ma Skamper Ramp. I dussnt be scared of the pool any more and can get in an out easily wiv ma ramp. See ma uvva post for a better look at da ramp ere.

Coz they dus be scoobin divers they got all their gear at da pool for practisin so they decided wod be fun to filum me from under the wata coz they fink ma legs is so funny happarently!! Pftttt cheek! I am like a glidin swan I says ;).

So there you go, doggie paddle from under the water courtesy of the dad! Oh, ignore mum showin her amazin underwater skils (NOT) for the camera. She is a right silly moo ;).

Fanx ma pals ... paddles off ... paddle paddle paddle

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Is it gettin otter in ere?

Hello ma pals! Ow fings? Is me Lexie!  Now then, as you may or may not know, I dus like to av the odd swim ;). Til now, I dus mainly do swimmin in rivers and the sea.

However, a few munfs ago all dat did change and turns out mum and dad has gone an got me ma very own swimmin pool! Errr ... well ok they didn't get it just for me, I has to share it wiv dem unfortunately pfffftttt.

Fing is, even tho I dus love to swim (as you may or may not know teehee) I was too scared to swim in the pool because I has to have a way in and a way out. Well ma very good friend on Facebook wot dus be Elizerberf telled me abowt this fing called a Scamper Ramp and ow we could get one an put it in then I cud get out of the pool easy.

So, mum opened up her wallet (moths were flying everywhere BOL BOL) and buyed it for me! Took ages to come. It came all the way from Americy. That wasn't the hard bit coz it achewlly arrived wivin 5 days. The big problembo was the customs! Took em free weeks to sort it out. Doesn't matter, coz its ere now.

Ere I am checking it all out

Seems to hold ma weight ok ;).

Doggie paddle is the stroke of choice in this house ;).

I fort you might like to see a bit of video of me  using it wot dad done. You will see mum in da background floatin around as lifeguard on standby in case of incidents ;)). Fink she needs some elocushun lessons - she gets more Essex every day pffffftttttt.  Just a short swim first:

An a bit further this time:

The best fing about it is that if, for some reason, I fall in the pool (unlikely) and they ain't there, I can scamper up ma ramp quick as a flash and be all safe an that.

Woofhoo!!! Well that's it for now, talk to you soon, this be Lexie signin off, lovin life and livin it to da max baby heehee!


Monday, 18 March 2013

Home sweet home - part 35

Hello pals. Well we have moved again! Atlantis is now moored it what we hope will be her home for the next year at least. The funny fing about it is it is where we started off in 2010! 

Here we are heading off up the river to our new home, under our own steam I might add! This is view from the port side (the left). If you wants to remember that port is left, we use a little phrase - no port left (as in the drink). 

Here's the view from the starboard side. Not much in it I guess!

Here's our little tender following along behind.

Here's some pals helping us more up in our new exciting surrounds. The view is not great, but at least we know we can do all the noisy messy work and no-one will complain. We also are able to get on and off when we like and don't need the tender any more. Bet we can get a few quid for that!

Dad moves her into her new spot, nice and slow. You can't see it but mum is waiting wiv fenders (in this case some classy large tyres) to fend off from the wall.

A neighbour in the dock over the way. A Loyal Class Fleet Tender having some work done.

A view from astern.

Our new gangway across to land. I'm summoning up the courage to go first.

Nope! Decided to send mum over first so I could make sure it would hold me weight ;). Seems ok.

Here she is safely moored up in her new home. We have shut up shop for the winter and waiting for Spring. Dad will then finish off the wheelhouse inside and out (think I've said that before) and there is talk of a new galley and bathroom for 2013.

Well it's been slow progress for the last few years as you can tell but 2013 looks to be fun. Not least of all because dad has another slave helper in the form of his son!

Thi has been Lexie, signing off for now.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

I know wot you dun last summer - part 34

Hello ma pals! I fort I give you a summin up of 2012 and get you in da mood for 2013 when we'll be doin more work on Atlantis again! Yes, I know is 2013 already but we gots to wait for Spring before commencin wiv any of dat!

We didn't get as much done on our lady as we ad oped, mainly because of her still bein stuck in the middle of the river! Well, all that has changed now and we has a new moorin up-river where we can get on and off wifout too much trubble now.

Mum an dad decided not much to be done so we spent most time on board gettin the engine in tip top shape for the move and sprucin her up a bit wif some paint!  Here's a pic of the starboard main deck wiv a nice coat of erm ... well .. battleship grey! 

Bein on the uvva side of the river wif no real piles to moor up again (ooh err obviously) so sometimes we was avin a bit of an angle goin on! As you can see dad demonstratin very well ere:

Hmm more lovely paintin by the mum .. on the port side this time. Err sooooo ... more battleship grey then! 

Oooo ere's mum undercoating ... wif .. yes you guess it, battleship grey, wiv a top coat of battleship grey!! Heehee, maybe she tryin to match her hair colour *runs under table*.

Course there's nuffink like a sunbathe on the deck. Even I managed to get involved wiv the paintin! Yep, you guessed it! Battleship Grey is the new look for Borders! heehee.

It is me or is it hot our there! I fink I'll just close my eyes and fink about how much I love battleship grey paint! Av you seen the mess in ere mum!!? Do you like my dog flap?

Looks like someone found the white and blue paint then! Makes a nice change ;).

Because it's a challenge to get on and off Atlantis, we were spending weekends on board. This mum's little stock cupboard (coz we ain't got no galley - aka kitchen - yet) but that is on da list for 2013! Mum very excited about that! Ahhh bless, look at her little cupboard heehee.

Looks like mum is tryin to sneak off downstairs probably for a lay down! I'm watchin er!

When the tide goes out, it really goes! Then we is on board for da night. Even if we wanted to get off we cuddnt. So best not run out of ma dog food or there be trububble!

Hmmmm our lovely cosy (half finished) bedroom. Nice place to relax. It's below decks too so nice and cool in the summer. Room for all free of us heehee.

Relaxin as night falls over the river. I'm cosy on my sofa thank you! We as a little radio wot we can play for entertainment and dad has rigged up batteries so we as some power to run the lights. 

Well, that's a little update on our Summer last year. More about our trip to Scotland and a few pics in our new moorin next time. Bye!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013